Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[PSPGame]AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo[121220]

[PSPGame]AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo[121220]




i don't know how to play this game, because this game comes with 2 cds, disk2 is for installing the game into your psp, and disk1 is for playing the gamee, i can install the game, but cannot play it,

so don't asking me how to play the game, heh, hopefully someone out there can figure out how to play it...

so for now, better to get the game first, before the link is expired....

OK, good news is i'm able to play this game~!!!!thank you to zuy from hello-online.org that provide the method, i copy and paste his method to everyone here...

okay i will tell you how to make it work
first download this patch https://dl.dropbox.com/u/45155245/149fix.rar (actually i found this patch on chinesse forum but it still doesnt work so im do a little modification to make it)
1. exctract that patch
2. open xDeltaUI.exe
3. choose 149_fix.xdelta for patch
4. choose AKB 1/149 (disc2/installation) iso file for source
5. for output you can rename as you want but dont forget to make extension file (example: AKB 1/149 disc2 fix.iso)
6. last patch it
on your psp
1. delete instalation data (if you already have one)
2. run that patched iso
3. install
4. run game iso
5. and voila its works like a charm LOL
that my method to make it work. . .^^

just follow the instruction...and you'll be able to play the game~!!!...


  1. thank you so much !!!! merry Xmas

  2. can it be play by 5.00m33-6 cw?

  3. sorry i don't know about that, my psp cfw is 6.60 ME-1.5, so if your psp is 6.60 pro or 6.60 me, i'm very sure you can play this game,
    i think you better update your cfw to the latest one...

  4. i want to ask something, what we need to patch for? and also i just bought this game and my product download code was no use any more beacause i got this game after it expired date ;; so what can i do next?? i canoot see the kiss scene?? T^T can you told me please??

  5. because of this one is playing with iso, not playing with umd disc, so this one need to patch it before can play on psp..

  6. I don't understand just......
    1. delete instalation data (if you already have one)
    which were delete
    2. run that patched iso
    Is that patch that we had
    3. install
    install what ???
    I can only go until loading images that there are members of the IMR 149 people wrote
    4.run game iso
    iso which again is

  7. disc 2 is for installing the game, so u need install the game 1st before u can play with disc 1..

  8. finis install i quit the install and play disc 1 ??? right..

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  10. can you make a video for the tutorial?
    i don't get it :(

  11. sory i cannot make any video tutorial, i don't have good PC to do it,

    which one that you don't get it?..

  12. i named output with akb-kirin149b.iso and i copied it to my psp and i run it, it doesn't work :(
    or i wrong at patching?